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Community Giving Day for Creative Action: 12/17

Thursday, December 17, is our third Community Giving Day of the season. When you make a purchase online on these special shopping days, you'll also be supporting the Austin arts community. Blue Genie Art Bazaar will donate 10% of the day's profits to a local Austin nonprofit. 

This Thursday's Community Giving Day will benefit Creative Action. Creative Action uses the arts as a medium to inspire creativity, unlock potential, and transform the lives of students of all ages. They do this with innovative applications of the arts to academic, social and emotional learning, and by creating spaces that are nurturing and welcoming to all. Skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and communication—fused with the confidence and creativity we enable from day one—provide a foundation upon which students can forge their own paths.

With over 20 years of program development and over 20,000 people served annually, we have seen firsthand the impact Creative Action has on students of all ages. The skills and relationships they foster enable students to personally and professionally thrive, and empower them to leave their mark on their communities and act as a catalyst for social change.

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