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Creative Reuse Gift Guide

Instead of buying the newest gadget, consider giving gifts that incorporate reused or upcycled materials to create something unique!

Here are some of our picks from the online shop:

But the creative reuse doesn't have to stop there! Consider these ideas for reusing or upcycling items from our shop:

  • feto soap Bath Bomb Set - After enjoying the bath bombs inside, this cute tin can be reused

  • Madhu Chocolate Bar - The beautiful patterned wrapper can be used for an art project like a collage or handmade card

  • Two Hives Raw Honey & Mini Honey - So many ways to reuse the glass jars! One idea is to use them on your desk to hold pens, paperclips, or other supplies

  • Oui Macrame DIY Wearables Kit - With supplies to make multiple pairs of earrings and a keychain, you can give one of your projects as a handmade gift

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