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Meet the Artist: Madhu Chocolate

It all started in the kitchen of company owners Elliot Curelop and Harshit Gupta where they experimented combining flavors from traditional Indian cuisine with their favorite sweet treat: chocolate. They source their cacao from the Tumaco region of Colombia, then roast, crack, winnow, grind, flavor, temper and wrap all the bars by hand striving to create the highest of quality bean-to-bar product. From the beautiful packaging inspired by Indian textiles, to the gorgeous bars themselves, Madhu chocolate is a true labor of love.

Madhu Chocolate bars and ingredients

One consistent source of inspiration is Harshit's mom. She is a wonderful cook and always has inventive recipes. Not to mention, she makes an amazing chai. She is the reason why Harshit grew up with so much passion for food. Because she has been a great inspiration since the inception of this business, they thought it would only be appropriate to give the business same name as her: Madhu. Madhu in Hindi means honey or sweet which makes sense for naming a chocolate company. It is also the company mantra: Be Madhu to one another.

Find Madhu products in our online shop!

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