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Meet the Artist: Solid Soaps

The idea for soapmaking started in 2013, when Emlyn Roelser wanted to make presents for Christmas. Solid Soaps came to fruition in April 2018 with Emlyn's intention to create luxurious bars of soap made with natural colorants and botanicals, phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, and packaged with recyclable or compostable materials.

In April 2021, Emlyn switched careers as a cardiac advanced practice nurse of over 10 years to pursue soapmaking full-time. The idea behind the name, Solid Soaps, is from a doodle Emlyn drew of her right hand (she's left handed).

Solid Soaps changes a mundane task into a luxurious ritual, making it the perfect, practical, and consumable gift.

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Artist photo by @khrystendyanephotography

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