Though they may not be the biggest gift at the party, these Golden Girls-inspired lip balms are an excellent way to say 'thank you for being a friend'!

Each set includes one handmade lip balm with flavors inspired by each of the Girls:
Sophia: Picture it. Sicily. 1918. Ice clinks around in a glass of Italian amaretto, while the fresh citrus-herb scent of bergamot and lemon wafts on the breeze. It's sassy, no doubt, but there's enough sweetness to temper any sharp tongues, however hilarious said tongues may be. 

Dorothy: If deadpan Dorothy had a flavor, this would be it. Sarcastic sour apple (after all, she was a teacher!) combines with blackberry and bitter orange to create a blend so tart and delicious that you won't be able to help puckering your lips, even for the most uninspired blind dates (provided you didn't get stood up again). Underneath it all, though, we know Dorothy has a tender side, so we added a little sweet pineapple flavor for balance.

Blanche: Part alluring seductress, part flirty Southern charmer: Blanche lip balms are flavored with a blend of fruity peach, juicy raspberry, and a touch of floral from bergamot (the oil of Earl Grey tea fame). These balms are made with uber-moisturizing oils for an indulgent, lip-pampering experience - after all, she knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. 

Rose: As sweetly floral as a spring day in St. Olaf, Rose lip balms are flavored with an oh-so-innocent blend of chamomile, sweet orange, and vanilla, with just a smidge of real rose essential oil (though we did leave out the flavor of kerfluggnoogen). These lip balms are also made with skin-loving Swedish rosehip oil for a double dose of rosy goodness. 

Ingredients for all balms: cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado and/or apricot kernel oil, beeswax, essential oils and/or natural flavor oils (sunflower and/or soybean oil, flavor). Additional ingredients are as described in the listing.

Aromaholic Golden Girls Lip Balm Set