The Art of Flip Solomon Structured Masks are stylish 2-layer masks w/ interfacing plus a third layer: a removable, custom-fit neoprene filter . The masks feature fabric earloops for convenience AND ties to wrap around the head for a more secure fit, the best of both worlds! This option also allows the masks to fit on many different-sized heads, including older children. This mask has a really nice structure (it holds its form) and there is a very soft cotton jersey for the inside layer next to the face!

Included with these masks is an optional nose bridge for the option to create a more sealed fit. If you want to add this, you can carefully snip a tiny snip on the INSIDE of the top trim and slide it in. For mask longevity, I would put a stitch or two where the snip is!


This is an all-around very functional, sturdy mask and the shape is elegant on both men and women. Masks are packaged individually and they are machine washable. These 3 - Layer Structured Masks are from Flip's original pen & ink works, 2 designs to choose from.

*Masks are not medical grade.

Art of Flip Solomon Masks

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