PAMPER your face with our FACIAL CARE KIT! For YOU & YOURS - our tried & true PURE PLANT-BASED THERAPY products are a HEALTHY solution to keep your COMPLEXION smooth, clean, and fresh. Each kit contains everything you need for HEALTHY FACIAL CARE:

- CALENDULA RENEWAL FACIAL BAR: Our ultimate facial cleanser with hundreds of repeat customers! Our healing soap begins with Calendula-infused organic OLIVE oil. A member of the daisy family, CALENDULA is said to be the "mother of the skin' and is recognized as the best all-around plant for skin treatments. Added healing antioxidants include AVOCADO oil, GREEN TEA powder, and VITAMIN C powder. Marshmallow root, myrrh and comfrey powders round out the skin nourishing properties. UNSCENTED - FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - 2.25 oz.

- GENTLE round wood EXFOLIATION BRUSH with natural bristles. To use - wet brush, rub onto CALENDULA RENEWAL bar soap to create lather, gently scrub face and neck using a circular motion.

- ROSE (Rosa Damascena) FACIAL TONER HYDROSOL - Pure Distillate. NATURAL TONING and MOISTURIZING mist for all skin types with anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant properties. Promotes emotional balance and reduces inflammation. Apply after washing face, after applying makeup, or anytime you want to feel FRESH and HYDRATED. Certified ORGANIC 2 fl. oz. fine mist spray.- FACIAL OIL - Advanced therapy from nature with ORGANIC ROSEHIP, ARGAN, & JOJOBA oils. While creams and lotions stay on the surface, face oils deliver nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin—where skin issues start. Morning: Apply 2-10 drops to moist skin followed by sunscreen if desired.Night: Apply 2-10 drops followed by serum if desired.

UNSCENTED FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - 1 fl. oz. with dropper applicator.

- CALENDULA RENEWAL CLAY FASK MASK - deep cleansing and pore reducing- this blend of kaolin clay with ground calendula, comfrey, lavender, myrrh, oatmeal, and oregano heals, detoxes, and softens your skin. Use once a week. Mix with warm water, hydrosol, milk, yogurt, or honey to a toothpaste consistency. Apply to clean skin, relax, and allow to dry (approx. 30 minutes). Rinse and pat dry. Apply our Facial Oil. .5 oz. (2 uses) - BONUS! - Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) Steam Distilled Essential Oil from France. 1 dram.

Austin Natural Soap Facial Kit

  • "My soapmaking journey began as a computer programmer in a world of windowless and recycled-air corporate cubicles. Hearkening back to childhood joys of art, design, writing, color, flora, and chemistry experiments, I signed up for a soapmaking workshop. Voila! I found a new hobby and obsession that combined my love for art and my fascination with chemistry. I hope you enjoy my creations!
    – Annette Mayfield, founder and owner"

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