Help! Our little ones are looking for a new home!
You are in for a TREAT! This is a great way to try our soaps and find your new favorites. If you fall in LOVE with one, rest assured that we have the full-size bar available on our website or in our South Austin store - so you can always find your favorite.
Your OUTCASTS SOAP SAMPLER box contains a description of the seven Outcasts you have saved. The sample size soaps are a generous 4" x 2.5" x .25" and fit perfectly in your hand for bath or shower. Each batch of boxes contains a different grouping, so check back with us for more adopting opportunities.
We appreciate your generosity in offering our babies a permanent home. :)
Each box contains seven soap samples with a total weight of 12-14 oz.
Current Boxes contain (this grouping may be different than yours):
Cowboy(scrubby sand/yellow)
Barton Springs Eternal (green swirl)
Bamboo Charcoal (black)
Hippie Hollow (brown)
Padre Island Breeze(sea green w/loofah)
Hill Country Lavender (light purple)
78704 (multi-color orange)

Austin Natural Soap Outcast Soap Sampler

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  • "My soapmaking journey began as a computer programmer in a world of windowless and recycled-air corporate cubicles. Hearkening back to childhood joys of art, design, writing, color, flora, and chemistry experiments, I signed up for a soapmaking workshop. Voila! I found a new hobby and obsession that combined my love for art and my fascination with chemistry. I hope you enjoy my creations!
    – Annette Mayfield, founder and owner"