This picture book's target age group is 3 to 7 years of age, but it can be for anyone! Written by climate scientist Marianna Linz, and illustrated by Caitlin B. Alexander, the book pairs scientifically accurate but age-appropriate text with a charming story of sharing knowledge and collective action.

Climate change is an urgent problem. Super storms, floods, droughts, fires--we are just getting a taste of what the new normal might be without global collective action to stop greenhouse gas emissions. "Cool for You" features a story of uniting to learn about the Earth and to work to stop climate change.

This sweet little story's goal is to inspire us all to help the world stay cool for the next generation, and was originally a Kickstarter project. Thankfully, it was backed with time to spare, and even over the financial goal! We just received our second print run stock, so hardcovers are now available!

"Cool For You" is a standard 32-page picture book, with full-color illustrations on every page, and is currently available in hardcover.

CBA Illustration Cool For You Picture Book

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  • Caitlin B. Alexander is an illustrator based in Austin, Texas with a style that is nostalgic yet fresh, and charming yet mature. She focuses on a representation of repeat patterns and texture in our natural world, observations of daily life, and messages of strength and acceptance, via hand-lettered typography. This love of smaller details— a cluster of mismatched city buildings, lush color in an old quilt, variations in a garden— is what the artist brings to her audience: an appreciation for the lovely little things in life.