AquaBot T-shirt, Black Tri- Blend shirt with Grey Design


This highly detailed deep sea steampunk robot from The Impossible Winterbourne's groundbreaking book "The AlphaBots" is printed on super soft American Apparel Tri-Blend shirts!

Impossible Winterbourne AlphaBots Tees

  • The Impossible Winterbourne in an international street artist who’s steampunk robotic creations have appeared in hundreds of major cities across North America, The U.K. and Germany. Known as an Old World Gentleman and SteamBot Creator, Winterbourne uses his artwork to spread happiness and a sense of wonder and whimsy across the world. More than a street artist, Mr. Winterbourne uses his gifts to ignite the sense of magic and mystery inside of us, and make us look at our surroundings in a different light. The great thought Winterbourne gives to the placement of his street art installations ensures they are adding to (rather than subtracting from) the environment they are placed in. The end result boarders on the surreal, and is done with the sole intent of making the world a more magical place.