These little gems are 6 x 6 prints on metallic photo paper, mounted on stained 2 inch cradles with a hand-poured resin coating. They are wired to hang or can sit on a surface. (wood grains may vary)


Design: The Shimmering Not (beach with curtain)

The Artifacts Collection explores the intersections of memory, reality and perceptions. It’s about fragments and figments. It questions the reliability of our visions and seeks the ghosts on the fringes.

Kell Creative "The Shimmering Not" Print

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  • Although trained traditionally, after many years of working as a freelance graphic artist Leslie Kell found herself exploring photography and digital art as a vehicle of artistic expression. Leslie offers a slightly different view of the world; rather than paint, she uses the color, texture and patterns of the elements she captures with her camera to create her surreal mirror-mad images. Her unique collections are inspired by photographic visuals from locations, events, and themes.