Choose from 3 savory flavors:

  • FUEGO--Fiery seasoning salt blending over 20 varieties of peppers grown at our farm. A slow burn that builds with layers of flavor from fruity, earthy, and smoky peppers blended together. Friend of popcorn, guacamole, and cold drinks. Amazing with fresh fruit– mango, pineapple, apples, oranges, carrots, jicama. Use it to season meats and vegetables before grilling.
  • AJO--Garlicky seasoning salt packed with flavor from garlic chives grown at our farm. An intense garlic flavor that shines in potato and pasta dishes. Use instead of salt the next time you make a vinaigrette or mix it into yogurt or sour cream for a quick vegetable dip.
  • TACO--Introducing our newest seasoning salt! TACO is packed with charred onions and fresh cilantro, which makes it the perfect salt for all your favorite Mexican dishes, including salsas, ceviches, and of course tacos!

La Flaca Seasoning Salts