linoleum carving relief printed onto white smooth paper


choose from coral or teal



Little Green Press Landscape Relief Print

  • I am constantly inspired by nature, so much so that most all of my work has a botanical or celestial element to them. I offer prints, stationery, stickers, paintings and more, each depicting a series of plants or sky constellations. My interest lies in creating simple compositions using natural patterns found in the outside world. My latest focus has been on several series of botanical illustrations in different styles such as watercolor, digital drawings, and carved linoleum prints. My curiosity of nature is blended with abstracted patterns and fluid movement of stroke to emanate reality. Wind becomes staggered pen, land masses become swaths of color, and the constant progression of land become layers that signify erosion, an exposing of the past. I also strive to use sustainable methods to create each piece, using only recycled and eco conscious materials and supplies to further minimize my carbon footprint.