Our Mystic Stone necklace pairs the harmonizing properties of black agate with four etherial laser etched designs. Choose which drawing vibrates with you: the snake, the cactus, the moon phase or the hand.


Each Agate slice will have a unique shape, and is set in a gold foil bezel pendant, accompanied by a long 28 inch chain.

Moonfinder Mystic Stone Necklace

  • Kelly Stiles is the designer and creator of Moonfinder. Growing up in the wide-open spaces of Texas she developed a deep love of nature and the big night sky. Always being obsessed with the movements of the moon her folks nicknamed her Moonfinder. After receiving a fine arts degree she has pursued a life of creating and likes to challenge herself by learning new techniques and processes to incorporate into her work. Moonfinder strives to always use high quality, sustainably-harvested, or salvaged wood and leather, and only uses safe, non-toxic finishes.