Natural palm-free soaps made from rainwater, scented with essential oils and colored with herbs, clays, and minerals. Safe for your face to your toes!


Each bar is approximately 4-4.5 oz. 


Choose from six fresh scents:

  • Lavender Fields - mild floral aroma, great choice for sensitive skin
  • Lemon Smack - delicious scent of lemon and lemongrass oils provide a citrus lift to the mood
  • Lumberjack - masculine blend of spruce, fir, and cedar 
  • Dope Soap - hemp seed based soap is blended with patchouli and lavender, great choice for dry skin
  • Sea Soap - fresh ocean scent with sea salt for added scrub
  • Spearmint Scrub - refreshing combination of orange and mint, as well as ground flax seed to give your skin a gentle scrub and spirulina for color

Fleegal Farms Natural Bar Soap

  • Fleegal Farms Soap is devoted to creating all natural soap and skincare. All of my handmade and vegan friendly products are made with botanical, plant sourced oils (not animal fats), scented with essential oils, and colored with natural colorants.