This bar of soap, made with the waters from the Springs, is a tribute to the Soul of Austin, those who have found solace here, and the long line of people who have given of themselves to protect this special place. People have been dipping into the clear, refreshing waters of Barton Springs for over 10,000 years. From indigenous tribes to the fun-loving masses visiting Barton Springs Pool, many have found pleasure & peace here. The cool waters flowing from the karst caverns of the Edwards Aquifer and emerging through the four springs at Bartons provide a home to two endangered salamanders: the Barton Springs Salamander lives in the gravel at the bottom of the pool and the Austin Blind Salamander that has adapted to life deeper in the aquifer.


The Headwaters Soap Collection from Old Factory is a Texas tribute to the iconic springs of the Hill Country. Emerging forth from the jagged beauty of the Balcones Fault Zone, the crystal-clear, limestone filtered, artesian springs of this region have inspired people to gather at these waters for over ten thousand years. We have teamed up with 4 local water conservation non-profits to create a product that gives back, and shares the beauty and spirit of these places. 10% OF SALES DONATED BY OLD FACTORY TO THE SAVE THE BARTON CREEK ASSOCIATION.


Old Factory Soap Barton Springs Soap