So you can't turn your head these days without seeing an Alpaca on something, so I asked my mom to paint an Alpaca and I'll be honest, I don't think you'll see a cuter or more sophisticated Alpaca anywhere! Per usual, I think my mom was able to add an elegance to an often poorly illustrated animal. This beautiful Alpaca is slyly picking sunflowers from the yard next store and maybe sharing them with his friends.


The detail on this artwork is truly unmatched and we hope you love it!!! Screen printed by hand in Houston, TX using water base inks.


This towel is size to approximately 30" x 30" with the artwork being sized to approximately 10"w x 13.5" h. 


Flour Sack Towels make perfect gifts during the holidays either by themselves or when added to a bottle of wine, cookies, cookie cutters or simply a whisk.

Rainy Day Illustrations Alpaca Sunflower Towel

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  • My name is Annie Niemann and I started Rainy Day Illustrations to bring my mothers amazing artwork to the public! I like to say that Rainy Day Illustrations is 50 years in the making, because that is how long my mother has been an illustrator by profession.