Choose from 5 adorable characters:

- Splatbot (Blue robot)

- Pudge (Green robot)

- Sleepy Reader (sloth)

- Chapter (dog)

- Tiny Kraken (Violet kraken with boat)


Dimensions: 3” at longest side.

We use neodymium magnets for a strong and secure bond on each of our magnets. Despite their size, they are curiously strong and they are able to hold up to 1 lb each.


All products are handmade on wood so there can be slight variances in color and in the wood grain. All wooden products adorned with a “Made With Love” sticker on the back and packaged in a clear protective bag.

Red Rocket Farm Wooden Magnets

  • Red Rocket Farm is the art studio of Jason Thomas and Allie Vicario. We create original character design layered art and on wood and desktop art for your home or work that are vibrant, colorful, and usually incorporate relatable sayings to help you get through your work day. All pieces focus on emotional relatability for the quirky, nerdy, snarky, or hard-to-buy-for person in your life.