This black ceramic mug features spooky skellies from the mind of artist Sam Hurt. Perfect for #nationalcoffeeday or #halloween or, you know, every day when you need something to drink out of.


15 oz black ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Sam Hurt Austin Skelly Mug

  • Sam Hurt's Eyebeam is a long-running strip that embraces the surreal. The title character Eyebeam is a sarcastic, rail-thin attorney prone to spontaneous hallucinations. His girlfriend Sally is an assertive, fun-loving artist with hair that often extends infinitely into the past. In the long life of the strip, it has gone through phases as a character-driven comic saga with soap-opera like plot turns, and at other stages is prone to stand-alone strips and single-panel gags. Eyebeam is always attempting to explore the absurdity of existence through the uniquely elastic reality of the cartoon medium.