Our Golden Chai is a special energizing blend of rich spices and black tea leaves offering a warming  spiced infusion.

The word Chai literally means tea in the Indian language of Sanskrit. Our secret blend uses the finest ingredients to create an authentic cup of chai. Our single-origin Assam black tea is perfectly paired with aromatic herbs & spices to brew a bold and flavorful cup of chai.


For an aromatic journey to India: Bring purified water to 180 - 190 degrees farenheit. Add 1 heaping tsp Chai per 8 oz of water. Let steep for 2-3 minutes. Add sweetener and milk to your liking. Enjoy!


Ingredients: Black tea leaves + Ginger + Cardamom + Cinnamon + Turmeric + Clove + Pepper

Caffeine Level: high

SESA Golden Chai

  • Sesa Pure emerged out of the desire to apply Ayurvedic principles to the development of custom tea, coffee + botanicals to cultivate balance and wellness through beverage.