Classic Earl Grey takes on a new twist with hints of floral Lavender flowers, creating a subtly divine black tea blend. The essence of bergamot has uplifting & stimulating effects, while Lavender relaxes and soothes. Though the true origins of this classic blend are shrouded in mystery, the perennial popularity of this distinctive tea is testament to its enduring appeal. The elusive, exotic fragrance of bergamot oil and floral lavender give our robust Assam black tea a touch of the sublime.


Serving Suggestions: Bring purified water to 195 - 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Add 1 tsp Lavender Earl Grey per 8 oz of water. Let steep for at least 5 minutes. Works well hot or chilled over ice. Enjoy on its own or with a touch of sweetener. Touch up with a splash of steamed milk or milk alternative for a sensational tea fog!


2 oz. 


Ingredients: Assam Black Tea + Bergamot Essence + Lavender Flowers


Caffeine: High

SESA Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea

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  • Sesa Pure emerged out of the desire to apply Ayurvedic principles to the development of custom tea, coffee + botanicals to cultivate balance and wellness through beverage.