|| South of Here Co's Desert Series ||
Cowboy Coffee, Scorpion Honey, and Woestyn.
100% Local Soy Wax Candles, Hand Made by Good Texans.

Cowboy Coffee:
Coffee and Whiskey, It's our original coffee scent with a extra kick! Imagine waking up as the sun is rising and the temperature is still low, pouring freshly brewed coffee into the tin cup used to serve the whiskey from the night before, subtle with whiskey, and sure to get a cowboy moving for the day!

Scorpion Honey:
This candle scent is inspired by the hot feverish desert. It's the feeling of dry heat and the yearn for sweet cold water. Notes of Spiced honey and Tonka wood- it's delicious, warm, and ignites all the senses.

This candle features a desert lit up by the full moon, scents of cactus flowers and jade, this candle will teleport you straight to the starlit dunes with cactus flowers blooming around.

All candles available in:

  • 4oz + Cotton Wick in a Glass Amber Jar with Gold Lid! (15hr-25hr Burn Time)
  • 9oz + Cotton Wick in a Glass Amber Jar with Gold Lid! (40hr-50hr Burn Time)


Hand poured from locally sourced 100% soy wax in small batches by a couple Good Texans. 

South of Here Co. Desert Series Candles