5.5 inch bowl made out of paper that can be used has a home decor or office organizer.

The Bead Project Paper Bowl

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  • The Bead Project is a jewelry brand by The Women of Pader Uganda, a non-profit that exists to ignite hope, healing, and empowerment in the women and community of war-torn Uganda by offering employment, education, programs, projects, and more.

    The Bead Project employs over 150 women who make recycled, eclectic, and handmade paper and glass bead jewelry! Our artisans blend traditional African crafts with modern jewelry trends to create unique and stylish necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and gifts that brighten any outfit. Not only do our products look great, but we pride ourselves on having style with a story! Behind each of our handmade pieces are the hands of women who have faced atrocities of war and other traumas; but have found hope in the healing power of community, faith, and intentional relationships.

    100% of profits made by The Bead Project directly support the women and other programs we offer, such as business trainings and micro-loans, education scholarships, and more!