Upcycle Moravian Stars! In 2 styles:
Sheet Music -- These folded Moravian stars are a perfect for the music lover in your life! Musicians, band directors, voice coaches, will delight to hang this in their office or on the Christmas tree! Sustainably made from sheet music.

Atlas -- I love using every available resource to create! These atlas folded Moravian stars are a perfect example! I use atlas' to create clocks and ornaments with specific locations. I couldn't bear to throw away the images that were not "maps"; instead I used it as inspiration for these art stars! These stars feature elements of the earth.

Stars measure: 3"X3"x1 1/2"
Each star had an eyelet hole and is strung with bakers twine.

Note: stars are delicate and will crush easily! Each star is hand folded by me from various atlas' and sheet music therefore each star is unique and may not be exactly as the images shown!

The Foxes Tail Upcycle Moravian Star