We’ve all been there: ready to dig in to a pizza, fresh from the oven, but nothing to cut it with. You could fold it in half and eat it like a big taco*...or, reach for an emergency pizza cutter to save the day!

With these practical and stylish earrings, you’ll always have TWO emergency pizza cutting devices close at hand.**

Handmade from 8 individual laser-cut pieces of engraved red acrylic, shiny silver mirror acrylic and green acrylic with a white acrylic backing, UV printed text, Surgical steel stud posts with nut backs.
Dangle measures 2 x 1.5 inches; total length with stud is 2.75 inches.

*We do not recommend this.
**Earrings will not actually cut a pizza, in case you were going to try it. 

Things By Bean Emergency Pizza Earrings