These teeny-tiny baby rain cloud stud acrylic earrings are a great accent when it's stormy out or when you're in a MOOD. Baby Rain Cloud earrings measure approximately .75" wide by 1" long. Baby rain cloud earrings feature a surgical steel post and are cut from glitter blue acrylic. The dangling lightning bolt charm is cut from frosted transparent yellow acrylic.

Vinca Baby Rain Cloud Earrings

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  • Since the humble beginning in 2006, the brand is now sold worldwide, loved by customers who appreciate quirkiness from Austin to Korea. From making every single piece herself, the workshop now has several employees who work together as a team to produce thousands of pieces a month.

    All of our wooden and acrylic parts are drawn, cut, and assembled in house. We like to call it "micro-manufacturing" and are very happy to be able to produce domestically with full control over the whole process. The vast majority of our raw materials, including chain, plastic, and wood, are also sourced in the U.S. from our sterling chain to our specialty acrylic.

    Amanda is our designer. Most frequently asked question? If she went to art school. She's been drawing, sewing, gluing, and building all her life and went for business instead at The University of Texas. She draws most of the artwork!

    Kristin is our laser tech and graphic designer extraordinaire. She handles all Vinca media. When she's not hunched over at her desk she can be found watching old-school monster movies, playing her guitar or running like hell through the hillside avoiding brown recluse spiders.