This royal, noble herbal composition is rich in hand rolled Georgian mountain blueberry and raspberry leaves, which are very similar to orthodox tea specialities. Big mallow petals and enigmatic butterfly pea flowers decorate to
perfection. The delicate violet nuances accompanied by fruity blueberries offer a most convincing flavor. We are still searching for the answer to the mystery of the cup color, which shines emerald green instead of butterfly pea lapis lazuli blue.

2 ounces of Butterfly Pea Flower Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Infusion.

Ingredients: apple pieces, mountain blueberry leaves, mountain blackberry
leaves, rose hip peel, orange peel, blackberry leaves, sweet blackberry
leaves, melissa leaves, lemon grass, lemon peel, natural flavoring, mallow
blossoms, blue butterfly pea flowers, blue cornflower blossoms.


White Cloud World Teas Butterfly Flower Herbal Tea

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  • White Cloud World Teas was born in Austin, “steep” in the heart of Texas. We are a vegetarian/vegan owned company and very community minded. We have searched the world’s markets to find our favorite teas and the finest, most flavorful blends. We only order ingredients in small batches and use the best packaging to ensure that the tea you order is the freshest, highest quality tea you can buy.